Bring Your Lawn Back to Life

Promote vibrant growth with lawn aeration and seeding

Is your grass dry and brown after the cold winter? You can have the beautiful, green grass you want with lawn aeration and seeding services. When you hire Effective Outdoor Solutions, LLC, we'll use state-of-the-art tools and proven methods to bring your yard back to life.

It's best to match your service with the growing season of your specific type of grass; if you aren't sure when that is, one of our lawn care experts can tell you.

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Find out how these services help your lawn grow

Find out how these services help your lawn grow

You probably already understand how seeding works: We plant seeds so that a thicker layer of new, healthy grass will grow across your lawn. However, lawn aeration is a little less intuitive.

Lawn aeration works by:

  • Loosening compacted soil so grass has room to grow roots
  • Breaking up thickened thatch that keeps water out of soil
  • Making room for water, air and nutrients to reach roots

If the ground feels unusually hard or there are puddles in your hard that don't go away, you need aeration services. Contact us today to schedule lawn aeration services.